What Are Digital Marketing & Online Advertising?

The world has changed. A lot. We are now in a digital age where we do a lot of things on the internet, including conducting commerce and other business activities. Traditionally, marketing means satisfying customer's needs and wants with the right products or services at the right prices in the right places through various communication means and channels.

Digital marketing is the marketing conducted on the internet through a variety of digital means and technologies such as websites, computer browsers, mobile phones, mobile apps, online videos and social media.

Online advertising is, as the name implies, the advertising campaigns launched on the internet. As the internet has become the largest and most powerful medium, online advertising, also known as Digital Advertising, has grown exponentially since mid-90s last century.

Digital marketing and online advertising (digital advertising) are closely related. Sometimes people use them interchangeably in a casual way. But strictly speaking, they are not the same. Digital marketing has a broader meaning, an umbrella term describing all marketing activities online, while digital online advertising is a part of digital marketing mix, mostly a communication channel and media on the internet to promote products and services, to create brand awareness and to support the broader marketing strategy.

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Types of Digital Marketing

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Believe or not. Most people forget website is actually the very first thing, the starting point, of any digital marketing. Without it, digital marketing would have nowhere to home in to. Web design & development combines both arts and science (technologies) to create a presence, a store front, a home for business on the internet. A website can be the first impression for brand building and branding strategy. Responsive and mobile focused web design is a must in modern business world.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
SEM includes 2 big parts:
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is the non-paid or organic way of getting traffic.
- PPC (Pay Per Click). This is the paid way to get traffic by running ads with search engines.

All the banner ads and video ads you see when you visit other websites.

Content Marketing
A way of using content to attract, acquire and engage audience. Creating targeted and engaging contents is the key to success.

Social Media Marketing
Create presence, interact with potential customers and/or run ads on social media websites and platforms.

Retargeting Marketing
Also called re-marketing. The ads follow visitors across multiple websites.

Email Marketing
Send out marketing messages and offers by emails.

Affiliate Marketing
Getting traffic from other non-search-engine websites.

Video Marketing
It includes both in-stream and out-stream video ads that you see online.

Digital Analytics
Among a plethora of digital analytics solutions, two most important platforms are Google Analytics together with Google Tag Manager and Adobe Analytics with DTM or Adobe Launch as its tag manager tool.

Major Players in Online Digital Advertising

Google Ads (formerly AdWords and DoubleClick), Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising), LinkedIn Marketing, Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads and Instagram Ads.


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